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If "Sophia & M.E. her story"is read first, it can then be seen how the Red, Blue and Purple areas relate to events that happened prior to her death.

I have divided this web-site into different areas and have colour coded them, to try to make each section self-explanatory. Each area has its own index. Some letters are copied from the original General Medical Council (GMC) index but given a different number to tally with the particular site they are in. If I haven’t succeeded in my quest to simplify, what I acknowledge is a large number of documents, then I’m sorry.

Red site includes:-

- Original letter of complaint about the six doctors.

- Each individual complaint along with the answer from the GMC.

- The General Medical Council’s own booklets, highlighting what they consider to be good practice.

- Index of all the letters I sent to the GMC. I have only included a portion of them as many repeated what had   been said earlier.

Blue site includes:-

- Letters of complaint to Social Services.

- Their answers and my replies.

- The Independent Officer’s Report.

- Index of letters included in the original complaint, along with a few others.

- Extracts of rules which must be followed by social workers.

Purple site includes:-

- Letters to Lord Goldsmith and Baroness Scotland.

- Their replies.

- Index of letters included.

- Some notes that inform the reasons as to why legal action cannot go forward via Legal Aid.

* Apart from a few copies of letters I sent to various parties, all the documents here are written and signed by the doctors and social workers themselves. I do not have a complete list of all of Sophia’s papers. She had not made a will, therefore I was denied access to them.

* To counteract certain inaccurate ‘facts’ on some pages, I have written comments in red at the bottom of that page.

* I highlighted certain passages in the letters to help draw my attention to these areas at a later stage. Others may or may not consider these passages relevant.

* In the early years I signed myself by my second name, Mary. I did this as most people found it difficult to pronounce my name; I did not wish to embarrass them. Eventually I used my first name, Críona

* I acknowledge that there are many good doctors and social workers who follow the guidelines of the WHO. Patients who have them are exceedingly grateful.

Criona Wilson (Sophia’s mother)

April 2008