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2009    World Health Organisation (WHO) – Dr Chan.

2007-09    Executive of WHO – Sir Liam Donaldson.

1997-2009    Ministers of Health – Alan Johnson and Andy Burnham.

1997-2009    Chief Medical Officer – Sir Liam Donaldson.

1997-2009    Wessely psychiatric school, who advise the Government on ME.

2007    Baroness Scotland – did not deal with such issues.

2007    Lord Goldsmith – did not deal with such issues.

2006-2007    General Medical Council (GMC) examined complaints against the 6 doctors – they                         were cleared. They employed psychiatrists as their 'specialists'.

2006-2007    Social Services examined the complaint against the social worker- she was cleared.

2006 June    Sophia’s Inquest – result: she died from ME.

2006    Independent research on Sophia’s spine – positive proof of infection.

2005    post mortem – no cause of death identified.

2005    November 25th - Sophia died. The 3rd GP, Dr Clarke, refused to visit to confirm her death             as she too, unbeknown to us, had struck Sophia off her list.             

2004    Legal aid refused – “no significant human rights issues.”

2003    August 8th - Although no longer her GP,Dr Firth removed Sophia from her practice.

2003    July 23rd –Sophia was released from the mental hospital by a Tribunal.

2003    July 11th – Police smashed down Sophia’s front door in order to enable Sophia's ex G.P, the psychiatrist and the social worker to forcibly remove her from her home and incarcerate her in a mental hospital.            

2003    June 23rd – the social worker, Catherine Connolly, lied under oath,therby committing             perjury, in order to ensure that Sophia was 'sectioned'in a mental hospital.             

2003    June - Chief Executive of Brighton Hospital, Dr Rosenberg, would not answer the letters             sent him.

2003    May 21st – The Court Manager ignored the letters sent regarding Sophia’s imminent illegal             sectioning.

2002    Dec 9th The psychiatrist, Dr Baginski, threatened to ‘section’ Sophia if she did not get              better within six months or, if she refused to enter the Romford Clinic.

2003    Dr Firth asked for Sophia’s mother, who was her carer, to be sectioned.

2002    Dr Firth finally secured a psychiatrist, Dr Baginski, who would agree with her i.e. that ME               was a mental illness.                         

2000 – 2002    Dr Firth GP asked a number of psychiatrists to become involved with Sophia’s                           case. They refused.

2000    Sophia is officially diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) by Dr Hartley.

1999    Sept. - Sophia got ‘flu’. By December she was bed-bound for 95% of the time.