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The DVD is now available from Voices from the Shadows website.

Videos of the Introduction to the film - with subtitles are now up on Youtube :-

English with no subtitles    video of the Introduction to the film
Italian subtitles - Italiano sottotitoli    video della Introduzione al film
German subtitles - Deutsch untertitel    Video von der Einführung in den Film
French subtitles - Francais sous-titres    les vidéos de l'Introduction au film
Dutch subtitles - Nederland ondertitels    video van de Inleiding tot de film
Swedish subtitles - Svenska udertexter    video i inledningen till filmen
Spanish subtitles - Espanol subtitulos    vídeo de la introducción a la película
Japanese subtitles -     
Czech subtitles - ceské titulky    video Úvod k filmu

"If I could make everyone in the world see just one film, this would be the film I’d choose. It’s my film of the year. It’ll be my film of the decade. As a critic, I spend my life hoping to find films that will speak to me. “Voices from the Shadows” goes beyond that. It is a film that speaks for me. And I want you to hear it. Scott Jordan Harris Chicago Sun-Times "

It is a compassionate and moving exposé, bearing witness to the devastating consequences of psychiatric prejudice and medical ignorance about one of the most prevalent illness of the 21st Century.

Synopsis -
Hidden away in darkened, silent rooms, for years or even decades, are men, women and children, suffering a cruel and invisible injustice. Although shockingly ill many are disbelieved, denigrated and blamed, suffering medical neglect and sometimes even abuse by professionals.

Their courage and determination remain unseen and unheard, as many are too ill to make their plight known, and others live in fear of retribution. Few professionals are willing to speak out to protect them, since by doing so they risk damage to their careers. It is often left to carers, to partners and parents, to act as advocates.

This intimate and revealing film bears witness to these forgotten lives and abuses. It is an intensely moving, and disquieting film by two patient advocates/carers. It reveals the love, determination and fortitude of five sufferers and their families as they strive to surmount a desperate situation.

Co-Directed/Produced by Josh Biggs & Natalie Boulton

Music by David Poore