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August 2013
Rememberance Day 8th August,articles from the 25% M.E.Group.

April 2013
(i)Letters to Norman Lamb, Minister of Care and Support.
(ii) Link to Youtube Video of Norman Lamb speaking at the 2007 Invest in M,E. Conference, including transcription.

February 2013
Voices from the Shadows, Links to subtitled Youtube videos of the Introduction to 'Voices from the Shadows' film have been added - Italian, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Japanese and Czech.

November 2012
Transparent Appraisals ?, Doctors now have to have yearly appraisals. This gives us all the opportunity to ask our MP.s to work on our behalf. On this web page is a letter that can be copied/pasted, plus a link to find your MP.

May 2012
In Plain Sight, links to books which give the history of "Mental illness" and the effects of drugs.

January 2012
"Caring for the M.E. Patient" An A4 book by Jodi Bassett. Written in self contained sections for those who suffer from M.E., for their carers, doctors etc. This can be downloaded or bought online.

November 2011
"WHO cares?" This webpage highlights letters sent to Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer, at the time, as well as the various answers from Colin Walker, Paul Burstow and Earl Howe, querying the accountability and responsibility of the various medical professionals who may or may not follow the guidelines of the World Health Organisation.

October 2011
"Voices from the Shadows" A film trailer released in Autumn 2011, by Josh Biggs and Natalie Boulton.

October 2011
"One Last Goodbye" A book by Kay Gilderdale of memories of her daughter Lynne, who suffered from ME.

8th December 2009
The trial of Kay Gilderdale in January 2010.

November 2009
Additional information to the Summary.

September 2009
Questions to Andy Burnham, Secretary of State for Health.
Definitive reply from the World Health Organisation.
Summing up Sir Liam Donaldson's refusal to implement the WHO rulings on M.E.

June 2009
THE CANADIAN GUIDELINES - most experts agree that these are the best diagnostic criteria presently available.

May 2009
- Facts about the World Health Organisation.
- Letters and e-mails to and from the WHO.
- Letter which can be sent to your own M.P.
Click link to read :- W.H.O. AND M.E.

25th January 2009
1.  A page has been added which will print out A4 size , it has 10 "INFOCARDS" marked up ready to cutout for distribution if you wish. click this link:- INFOCARDS

2.  A page has also been added with extracts from "Corporate Collusion" by Margaret Williams which is called Psychiatrists paid by Outside Interests click this link to read :- PSYCHIATRISTS

15th January 2009
1.  Youtube - there is now a video highlighting how M.E. is still controlled by insurance companies via psychiatrists. Click this link :- YOUTUBE VIDEO

1st September 2008
1.   ACCOUNTABILITY - Prior to publishing this website, I was advised against doing so. I was told that legal action would probably be taken against me. I found this difficult to believe as I was only highlighting the actions of the doctors, psychiatrists and social worker, through their own signed letters. To date, no such action has materialised.

2.   INTERACTIVE SITE? - I had not expected so many people to visit the site (80,528 by the end of August). Many of you emailed me. It has been suggested that an interactive site would be helpful :- a) so that people can exchange views and experiences of M.E., and :- b) to find a way to make the professionals conform to the World Health Organisation, and not, as at present, being accountable to no one.

3.  RESPONSE PAGE - In the new ‘Response Page’ are a few of the emails recieved. If anyone wishes their letter to be published on line, they must specifically mark it “FOR PUBLICATION”, otherwise, it will remain private.

4.  SYNOPSIS PAGE - A separate ‘Synopsis Page’ has also been added to the site. This shows, at a glance, the numbers of letters written by the various people and to whom they were sent, along with their names and addresses. Hopefully this will simplify the many documents sent prior to the official complaints to the General Medical Council.