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-193 countries belong to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) which is based in Geneva.
-34 of its members sit on the executive.
-It employs 8,000 people worldwide.
-Their income for their last published year 2006-07 was five billion, four hundred and twenty eight million dollars.
-The U.K. paid $30,849,550 to the W.H.O. for the year 2009.
-Myalgic Encephalomyelitis /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME/CFS has been classified as a physical disease G93.3 since 1969.
-Fatigue Syndrome (chronic) (FS) is classified as a mental illness F48.
-The psychiatrists continue to successfully confuse, not only the public, but many doctors as well, by interchanging the above terms.

∗Sir Liam Donaldson the Chief Medical Officer of England and advisor to the UK.for the past ten years is also an executive of the WHO. He has done nothing to ensure that M.E. is seen and treated as a physical disease; therefore he is colluding with the psychiatrists and insurance companies; he is derelict in his duty.

∗The Government of the U.K. are advised on this physical disease M.E. by a group of psychiatrists, NOT neurologists.

∗This small powerful group of psychiatrists is being paid one way and another by medical insurance companies.

∗These insurance companies do NOT have to pay out money to claimants if they are labelled ‘mentally ill’ rather than physically ill, consequently these patients are also disallowed the higher rate of Disability Benefit

∗These psychiatrists have also been engaged in formulating G.Ps actions by knowingly classifying FS (chronic)and ME in the doctor’s handbook as one and the same disease, which they are not. This is totally against their Hippocratic Oath which says “… if you can do no good, do no harm…”

∗ The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) confirmed to me by telephone that they follow the WHO guidelines, yet their practices contradict this.

Sophia suffered beyond belief with ME, but far far worse was her suffering and abuse at the hands of the doctors, psychiatrist and social worker – the very people who were meant to protect and care for her. After she died I lodged complaints with the General Medical Council (GMC) as well as the Social Services. They took a year to answer me. The GMC used, as their ‘experts’ two psychiatrists, whom they would not name. Since 1969 the World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified ME as a physical neurological disease G93.3, so I was astonished that they would employ the services of psychiatrists and not consultant neurologists. The GMC gave me no right of appeal.

Because I had tried and failed to get both clarity and accountability from these professionals, I decided to publish Sophia’s medical papers, so that people could see how this doctor and psychiatrist functioned, and how the GMC had agreed with them. Those who suffer from ME are continuing to be treated as mentally ill and still being sectioned in mental hospitals. Patients who suffer from cancer or diabetes which are also classified by the WHO as physical diseases, are NOT locked away in mental hospitals.

Most recently a judicial review favoured the official ‘mental illness’ line. None of this made any sense to me. I asked others why doctors and psychiatrists were allowed to abuse helpless ill patients in this way. There seemed to be a number of opinions, but no clear definitive answer. With this in mind I started phoning and writing to the World Health Organisation asking them, what I believed, were a few simple questions. Eventually, having received no concrete answers I sent a recorded delivery letter to Dr Margaret Chan, the Director General of the WHO. She too did not answer. Now, three months after my first contact, I still have no answer. They remain mute. By their silence I must presume that if the professionals or countries breach the WHO’s guidelines, it really is of no consequence as these same member countries will continue to pour money into the WHO organisation.

The WHO itself is a huge industry with vast resources, both human and financial. It would seem that they themselves also appear to have no accountability, in this area. They have a written Constitution, yet they do not implement it. There appears to be no checks and balances. Because of this cold indifference to, what I believe, are criminal actions by many, but not all doctors, psychiatrists, the General Medical Council as well as Sir Liam Donaldson the Chief Medical Officer, the 240,000 suffering from M.E. in the U.K. will continue to be tortured by a highly educated and highly paid minority, who have a breathtaking disregard for their Hippocratic Oath.

It is interesting to note that the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Sir Liam Donaldson, is an executive member of the WHO and according to Article 28 of the WHO Constitution is entrusted to implement the rulings of the WHO, in this case ensuring that ME is treated in the correct manner i.e. as a physical disease. Yet Sir Liam Donaldson is, in my opinion, like many, but not all, professionals, acting in a criminal manner; he is actively allowing, and therefore encouraging the doctors, psychiatrists and the General Medical Council in the U.K. to ignore the WHO and to continue to mistreat and abuse seriously ill patients by labelling them mentally ill.

In the U.K. if a person is convicted of 'Fraud' they can be imprisoned. It is unbelievable that many of these professionals knowingly,(some unknowingly) disregard their Hippocratic Oath and abuse the most sick and helpless; yet their self governing body turns a blind eye and allows them to continue perpetrating such abuse, without sanctions.

THIS MUST BE CHANGED. When I published Sophia’s website in April 2008 I sent e-mails to every M.P. as well as to those in the House of Lords. A handful kindly answered. At that time I had not realised that M.P.s are only obliged to act for their own constituents. With this in mind , I suggest that each person who reads this paper can, if they so wish, help to change the present system of abuse of those suffering from M.E.. At the end of this document is a letter which can be downloaded and sent on to your own M.P. requesting that they ask the Secretary of State for Health questions and to press for speedy answers.

By doing something positive, we can all help to change the lives of seriously ill people for the better; conversely, by doing nothing we are allowing such cold-blooded criminal cruelty to continue.

Críona Wilson


∗The Collaborating Centre for C.F.S./M.E. referrred to in the above email "on 28th June - 3rd last paragraph" is the W.H.O. Collaborating Centre on Mental Health, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College University, London.

The following letter was sent to Dr Chan by recorded delivery. Besides the letter, it contained all the e-mail previously sent to the W.H.O.

1st May 2009

Dear Dr Chan,

I am writing directly to you as since 9th March I’ve been phoning and e-mailing Dr Jakob. Prior to writing to him, I tried and failed to get the correct answer from others in the U.K. To date he has sent but two ‘holding’ replies, but no answer. I’m enclosing copies of all of these for you to see.

To reiterate, the questions I asked Dr Jakob were as follows:-

1.   Is it legally binding for the doctors in the U.K. to follow the rulings of the WHO as regards M.E.?

2.   If not, what, if anything, can be done to ensure that they are made to conform to the WHO?

3.   If the doctors here can brush aside the rulings of the WHO, of what relevance is the WHO in practice to the most vulnerable – those with suffering from M.E..

Sadly, here in the U.K. most, but not all, doctors and psychiatrists class ME under the heading CFS/ME. Their intention appears to be to confuse not only the general public, but, also, other doctors. As you well know the WHO has classified ME in the physical category as G93.3, whilst categorising CFS in the mental category as F48. The WHO also states that any given disease cannot be categorised in two places at the same time. Despite this ruling the doctors, led by psychiatrists continue to ignore and abuse the W.H.O.

I would be grateful if you would kindly either e-mail or post the answers to me.
Yours sincerely,

Críona Wilson




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Taken from the above website :-
Contact details for the World Health Organization
(address, phone, fax & website)
Name: World Health Organization
Address: WHO Headquarters
            Avenue Appia 20
            Geneva 27
Telephone: (+ 41 22) 791 21 11
Fax: (+ 41 22) 791 3111
W.H.O. Website:-   www.who.int